When you realize the love of your parents?

When you realize the love of your parents?
[Special Parents' Day - Miracle Medicine Porcupine Date let you enjoy your family. 】

The scary disease 'Leukemia'

Miracle Medicine Sdn Bhd 'PORCUPINE DATE'
- The scary disease 'Leukemia'-
Every parents want their children to be happy and healthy all the time. Unfortunately, Shu Yi, a young girl, contracted with a serious disease, ' Leukemia '. After getting leukemia, she started feeling unwell, vomited, stop eating well and lost all her appetite. Parents were sad but can't help with anything. Relative and friend helped them a lot and introduce them to have a try of  'porcupine date', but because of financial issues, is quite difficult of getting these. Until they met (miracle medicine porcupine date) and gave them some porcupine date, these was really a big help for them.... 

Muscular Dystrophy


Miracle Medicine Sdn Bhd 'PORCUPINE DATE'
Dangerous Disease ' Muscular Dystrophy '
Muscular dystrophy makes patience obsession. They couldn't live normal life, this disease don't have any treatment to make patience recover. 
 This disease plagued Mrs Loh for a long time. She went for a few TCM practitioner for acupuncture but didn't see any effect. Until she met us【Miracle Medicine Sdn Bhd】'Porcupine Date' ,  have a look of how Mrs Loh change her life with porcupine date... 

Dengue Testimony

Malaysia most dangerous disease 'dengue fever' 
Unexpectedly Lim Xuan Ming notice that his body is weaker day by day, hand and leg become weak, fever subside etc... After he get himself a body check in hospital, doctor told him that he is suffering from dengue fever, after notice he involved in dengue fever, his condition becoming worst day by day, and change to room ICU immediately. Blood platelet was drop from 60 until 3, is 3...
Throughs his brother's friend, patient start trying our product [ Miracle Medicine Sdn Bhd] PORCUPINE DATE , results was a miracle ....

Blood Cancer Testimony

Breast Cancer / Lymph Cancer / Esophagus Cancer /

Liver Cancer / Caesarean Section / Diabetes - Testimony Sharing

Breast Cancer / Lymph Cancer Testimony

Dr. Ho and owner of Miracle of Medicine sharing
about what is the benefits of 'porcupine date'?

Porcupine Date Details Introduction 

【御康草本精粹 PORCURE】肝脏不好,未老先倒!养肝要趁早,就来奇迹药王箭猪枣!

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